A Mindful Weekend: Discovery of Self-Awareness

A 2-day weekend urban retreat cultivating these four elements/sessions;


  • ​Foundations of Mindfulness

  • Principles of Voice Activation

  • Mindfulness-Based Meditation Tools

  • Exploration of Primal Movement

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th of October 2019 


Facilitators: WilliamHelen 


  • Full weekend (4 Sessions): $400

  • ½ Weekend (or 2 Sessions): $225

  • 1 Session: $135


More About.....

Voice Activation

Within this 3 hour block we will be introducing basic principles of becoming more away of the voice. The voice is not only linked to making sound but a fundamental drive to be heard and understood. Our daily life and culture teach us to disconnect to survive...through mindfulness we will resist falling into old habits and free our natural voice. 


Primal Movements:

As we move through life, we forget to move in a very basic way. Movement becomes less and less as we age, it becomes more specialized and linear. Through this practice we start to look at the body as a discovery, from the basic ways to explore the space as we did as children, but with mindfulness. 

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