It's the healthy alternative to a big night out or binge watching TV reruns. No hangovers or tired eyes to contend with, either.


Blow off some steam by getting acquainted with the inner workings of your mind. Get mindfully connected to a community of people like you - people looking for more than just the fast paced rat race that we fall into so easily. Whether you are new to mindfulness or have begun some practices, we provide regular pop-up sessions, custom programs and courses, retreats and the community to enable real change and growth.


The Mindful Movement is an initiative aimed at providing everyone with tools and support to live a life of being present from moment to moment. This year, let TMM show you a whole new way to approach life, stress, burn out and emotional ups and downs. TMM supports individuals and ventures in their transition away from stress, inefficiency, fear, breakdowns and burnouts, and towards balance, mindful leadership, resilience and thriving people and companies. 


Fast track from busy to being.

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