August long weekend Mindfulness Retreat -

De-stress - connect to self - gain perspective on your life 


An actual holiday to focus on what is important to you, that brings you back nourished with tools that are of value to your busy day to day life!

So – meditating on a cushion for an hour every morning sounds completely over the top. Who has the time or interest? And it's... well... for those weird spiritual people, right? But most of us feel like we could be happier, more chilled out, and generally a bit more balanced, if we could only figure out how... Really, there's got to be more to life than being on-call, connected, and accountable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work late hours, answer emails in what should be our free time, often feel stressed at work or home, and don't even feel particularly refreshed after our holidays!


The added challenge is many of us tend to rely on relaxing and unwinding in ways that do the opposite of recharging us! Not surprisingly, we feel overwhelmed and burned out on a pretty frequent basis.

It seems pretty radical to many people that meditation and mindfulness are being touted almost as a cure-all in the media – but if we look at the science (and there's tons of it now), it's close! It might as well be the magic pill in the Matrix!

If greater well-being isn’t enough of an incentive, scientists have discovered that making use of mindfulness techniques helps improve physical, mental and emotional health. For these good reasons, many people in the business world, including CEO's, Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, are talking about using mindfulness to improve work performance, boost bottom lines, and create personal and professional success.

So take three days out with us this August public holiday, and we'll guide you through a recharging weekend of mindful activities, arming you with valuable tools to take home and easily integrate into your weekly routine.

We'll introduce you to the mindful approach to living life – incorporating connection to yourself and your environment, meditations, mindful movement practice, maintaining balance at work and being part of a growing community. You'll have time and the structure to completely relax, and reflect on important questions you may have about your current and next phase of life.

What you'll get out of this weekend:

  • - Learn basic mindfulness meditation techniques

  • - Sharpen skills of attention, presence and emotional intelligence

  • - Learn how to reduce stress during work

  • - Integrate mindfulness into movement/yoga

  • - Challenge your limiting beliefs & engrained habits

  • - Get alone time for reflection

  • - Gain a larger perspective on your life and what is next for you

  • - Take home tools to make mindfulness a part of day-to-day life

  • - Learn practices to tap into your creative self

  • - Develop agile and flexible mindsets as a foundation for leadership

What To Expect...

Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice


Take the opportunity every morning to connect with your mind and body before the day begins. Better than coffee, a good stretch and mental tune-up session create a relaxed and focused state for the activities ahead. Meditation and mindfulness practice throughout the day will help you get firmly rooted into the techniques you'll be learning. Our mindfulness meditation techniques are based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program as taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Group & One-On-One Discussions


These discussions are a chance to check in with your facilitators, yourself and others who are attending, in which time you can share experiences and insights with one another, ask questions about developing your mindfulness practice and get to know each other better, as we help lay the foundations for an ongoing support system.

Digital Detox


Time to unplug! It's tough for us to put our phones away sometimes, but we guarantee it's a refreshing experience. It's a chance to let go of the outside world for a short while, and allow yourself to completely sink into a slower pace and reconnect to the simple pleasures of life.


Healthy Eating


Beautiful healthy vegetarian meals will be provided, and we'll include all-organic fare as often as possible. The land of Bali is abundant and 90% of all resources are produced within the country. You will be well provided for throughout the retreat with a wholesome menu designed specifically to nourish the body and mind, as well as gain insights to take home to encourage a more mindful relationship with food.

Stunning Surroundings


Relax completely in comfort, Bali villa style. Our accommodations are chosen based on numbers- we choose quiet and beautiful villas so you will feel pampered and taken care of, while being able to detach from the outside world for a while. You'll have everything you need right on-site.


Time In Nature


People travel from all over the world to enjoy Bali's stunning natural beauty. Along with guided reflective walks in nature, you will have plenty of chances to take personal time and connect to this ancient and serene land.

Program Dates:


(3D3N) 5th - 8th August 2016

Optional Additional Day:

(4D4N) 8th & 9th of August

An opportunity to deepen your learning and connect to holistic practices and activities

available in Bali

Registration and booking (including full payment) is required to secure your spot.

Places are limited.







If these dates don't work for you but you're interested in future retreats, get in touch and let us know. We will keep you posted on upcoming trips. We also offer private group and one-on-one programs.


Day 1, Friday: Arrival

  • - Opening

  • - Dinner

  • - Time to relax, get to know one another


Day 2, Saturday: Learn & Deepen Mindfulness Practices

Digital Detox Day

  • - Yoga & Meditation

  • - Healthy hearty breakfast

  • - Overview and introduction to program

  • - Guided Walk

  • - Healthy organic vegetarian community lunch

  • - Introduction to Mindfulness

  • - Harnessing Creativity

  • - Free time

  • - Basics of Mindfulness Meditation Practice

  • - Group Discussion

  • - Healthy vegetarian dinner

  • - Personal time or Night Star Stroll

  • - Meditation


Day 3, Sunday: Various Mindfulness Practices

Digital Detox Day

  • - Half Day of Silence

  • - Yoga & Meditation

  • - Intentional Mindful Walk

  • - Healthy organic vegetarian lunch

  • - Challenging Limiting Beliefs & Patterns

  • - Meditation

  • - Personal time/Rest time

  • - Group Discussion

  • - Mindful Eating

  • - Healthy vegetarian dinner

  • - Applying Mindfulness to Personal Life & Work

  • - Meditation


Day 4, Monday: Closing Morning/Checkout

  • - Yoga & Meditation

  • - Breakfast

  • - One-on-one discussion/question session with facilitator

  • - Group Discussion

  • - Continuing Mindfulness Community: A sense of belonging

  • - Check out of villa

Optional Stay-On

  • - Meditation & Technology

  • - Healthy vegetarian community lunch

  • - Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

  • - Free time

  • - The Mindful Body; Optional Breathwork or Walk in Nature

  • - Healthy vegetarian community dinner

  • - Personal time, meditation or optional sound circle


Day 5, Tuesday: Closing Morning/Checkout

  • - Mindfulness & Balinese Culture

  • - Community Breakfast

  • - Group Discussion

  • - Optional one-on-one discussions with facilitator

  • - Check-out of villa



SGD$1,200 per person (3D3N)

SGD$2,200 for two friends signing up together (3D3N)

Add-On Option: SGD$1,450 per person (4D4N)

Add-On Option: SGD$2,700 for two friends signing up together (4D4N)


Costs are inclusive of:


  • - Accommodation in a beautiful Bali Villa

  • - Transport

  • - All meals

  • - All mindfulness and meditation sessions

  • - Take-home materials for home practice

  • - 3 complimentary drop-in meditation sessions with

  • The Mindful Movement in Singapore upon your return for continued

  • support in your personal practice


Not Included:

  • - Flights to and from Bali

  • - Transport to and from Denpasar Airport to the villa location

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