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Beginning a meditation practice can sometimes be a daunting prospect- there are so many sources of information available, as well as different schools of thought and different styles.


Foundations of Meditation is designed to provide a gentle introduction to the foundations of meditation for beginners. In this session you will come to understand meditation and how to bring it into your own life through practical application, and you will receive extra support and guidance from our facilitators.


The session will consist of a discussion of topics surrounding the foundations of meditation, experiential practice and a question and answer session for those with specific areas or concerns that they would like support with.

In Foundations of Meditation you will be provided with guidance in:

  • What meditation is and where it came from

  • How to meditate

  • The goals and process of meditation

  • The benefits of meditation

  • Meditation positions often used for practice

  • Tips and tools for effective meditation

  • How to establish a regular practice in your own life

  • Various styles of meditation and a chance to try some of them out


You will also be provided with some take-home recordings of guided meditations, as well as a helpful handout to refer back to.

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