Explore nature and your inner self at Singapore’s Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Gain clarity, grounding and personal insight with a guided mindful walk. Leave the city and stress behind to see wild crocodiles, endangered hornbills, flocks of kingfishers while getting personal time to reflect on your current situation and intentions for change.


  1. 1. Awareness and connection to wildlife & the outdoors

  2. 2. Introduce intention & mindfulness through nature

Wilderness Intentional Day Walk | 1-Day


Morning - Exploration


  2. 7am
    Meet at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve entrance
    Group check-in preliminary discussion & intention setting


  4. 745am
    Nature walk & solo-time/Guided morning walk


 Afternoon - Sharing

  1. 12pm
    Meet-up & sharing of inner story to the group
    Connecting with others’ stories & sharing

  2. 1pm
    Optional Bollywood Veggies Farm for lunch

Mindful Walk Details

Meeting Locations


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve,

Neo Tiew Crescent Entrance Wetland Centre



SGD$60 per person (minimum group size of 4 people)



Mindfulness module fees

Not Included (Optional)

- Optional Gratuities for guides

- Food & transport

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About EarthyTrip...

The idea of travel has always had the allure of ‘what’s out there’. The world presents infinite things to enjoy, see, do, eat, drink and even photograph. The commonality that belies every instance we travel regardless of destination or activity?


The Experience


Rarely are experiences similar. Even for people travelling together, the experience that each individual has would differ from another.

We at EarthyTrip believe in the experience. By curating and working with our hosts to deliver unique social-environmentally themed experiences, we hope for all our travellers to discover another way to travel. By creating simultaneous impact, we hope to add to the depth and uniqueness of your travel experience.

 Experiences delivered by EarthyTrip Hosts are focused on championing social entrepreneurship, local communities, culture development, responsible tourism and sustainability. We believe that responsible tourism is a viable development tool, where local communities benefit a greater deal from travel dollars.

Besides the conventional city and/or rural outdoor activities that one would expect from any itinerary, our focus on social & environmental themes could see you doing anything from  interacting & educating local school children on environmental awareness to living & dining with local villagers, beach clean-ups to building of mobile houses.

Your experience is what you make of it. Our hope is that you leave wanting to come back for more!

"The responsible tourist views travel as an educational experience for themselves and for their host

communities and as an opportunity to share information and engage in a true cultural exchange.  

The responsible tourist supports the value of local customs and cultures,

which includes being sensitive in their own actions and dress code. 

The responsible tourist tries to make a positive impact in each and every action."

@Quote from Voices for Burma

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