RAISING MINDFULNESS : A Parent & Child Workshop

The student who blindly follows instructions. The employee who works hard just for a bonus. The parent who rewards every good grade with cash. There's no getting around it—we live in a transactional world. 


Students, parents and teachers all work on the principle of ticking off boxes in order to succeed. And make no mistake, this strategy works—but only in the short term. Down the line, bouncing from one set of requirements to another, with no awareness of how to grow, ignores how we can do better for ourselves—and for others. 


Our Mindfulness Approach workshops will offer a better way to engage with people and the world around you. This short introduction features suggested activities and exercises to help maximize your potential. You will discover how the growth mindset and relational exchanges will have an immediate and positive effect on your life and success. 


Our Facilitator, Mel, is an educator with over 20 years experience in Canada and Singapore. He is qualified to instruct by six exam boards. His experience ranges from the Gifted Education Program and International Schools in Singapore, Speech and Drama, the Canadian Schooling system, teacher-training, to a stint in the Canadian Arctic and lecturing in communications at a Singaporean polytechnics.

DATE: June 2020 | TIMING: To Be Advised | Venue: To Be Advised


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